Winter Wonderland!

Prior to Christmas my loft space was taken over and turned into a DIY-craft “winter wonderland,” for a project at work. This wouldn’t have been so bad for a day or two, but the craft-palooza lasted for a week. It was an extreme test of patience to wake up in the mornings to a scene that would have traumatized the likes of Martha Stewart. Fortunately it wasn’t my project and I was merely a spectator. My amazingly talented girlfriend Marie De Grado was brought on to concoct all the crafts and she officially blew my mind. Marie took DIY to couture. She’s insane and the only person who could have pulled this project off with the budget and time constraints.

Here’s to 2013 - the explosion of creativity, good times and use of an overpriced loft space I had no idea could hold so many people and glitter!

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